CYAN Secure Web has been entitled to "Ready for IBM DB2 Database software"

CYAN is pleased to announce its full support for IBM DB2 on Linux and Windows platforms for the CYAN Secure Web Reporting System. As the result, IBM has entitled CYAN to "Ready for IBM DB2 Database software".

IBM DB2, an relational model database server, is one of the leading enterprise database products with its matchless TCO, scalability, performance and security. One of its main functionalities, only one of its kind, is data compression by which the actual storage costs can be reduced up to 60%, and administrative efforts lowered by as much as 40% compared to other products.

For evaluations, we recommend to test with the IBM DB2 Express-C Edition, which is free of charge and can be downloaded directly from IBM.

Support for IBM DB2 Database 9.7 is available with CYAN Secure Web 2.0.14.