About CYAN Network Security

We‘re CYAN Network Security, your partner for proxy technology and Web filtering & security solutions.

Our roots date back more than 25 years, when we created one of the first Web servers and one of the first proxy servers on the market. We soon learned that safe Internet connections are key to business success.

From this experience was born our passion for developing solutions for Web security, and the birth of our company, CYAN Network Security.

We do security. You do business.

Our mission

We dig deeper

Named after the calming blue-green color that stands for vigilance and reliability, CYAN Network Security reflects these traits in our mission: we create proxy technology and Web filtering solutions that you can depend on for business security and productivity.

With our products, you have easy-to-use, flexible tools that you can tailor easily to your specific needs. For an affordable price. Whether you have 25 or 25,000 users.

Our flagship product, CYAN Secure Web®, can help you meet specific business goals while controlling access to and from inappropriate websites and applications. We protect your system from outside threats, as well as from internal misuse of the Internet. Plus, our network of professional channel and integration partners helps you apply our products to best meet your needs. Our in-house support team is always ready to lend a hand, too.

And, that saves you time and money. Improves productivity. And helps keep your business safe.