CYAN Secure Web Central Management

The configuration and management of multiple solutions, which require continuous security tasks to be performed, can be a time consuming and critical job for administrators. With its "Central Management" feature, Secure Web from CYAN Networks, offers central configuration and management of all related secure web installations.

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Central control of multiple installations

Central Management allows all of your secure web installations to be updated with just one click and clusters of any size can be maintained clearly and efficiently. And if a server with CYAN Secure Web is included in the system it can be quickly deployed and configured with optimal settings - all through one simple solution interface. Since the application has a web interface, administrators can effectively manage the Secure Web cluster from any location.

Through a single log-in, the Administrator has a clear overview and complete control of the installations connected to Secure Web. Everything is available to organize at your fingertips, regardless of the size of the connected solutions and location ceases to play a roll. Central Management provides a quick summary of status and operational information. But equally, individual configurations with special requirements do not create any problems for the interface. Secure Web thus offers companies a reliable information and action center for modern network security.

Do you want to learn more about Central Management and other useful features of Secure Web? Cyan Networks provides all interested decision makers a free 30 minute webinar on the topics of central management and system security. For your personal webinar date, please send an e-mail with your contact information to the sales team at Cyan Networks

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