Social Media Filtering

A new feature of CYAN Secure Web ® version 2.1 comes on the market in 2012 and provides an advanced filtering capability for social media platforms.

The use of Web 2.0 by employees is often controversial and problematic. Lost work time, possible violations of copyrights and transfer of large amounts of data can be dangerous.

cyan contentIMG social media filtering Corporate content that should not escape to the outside can be found repeated on Facebook, Twitter and Google+. The boundaries between whether an individual or employee "liked", posted or commented is blurred. Getting lost in Internet content and interruptions in concentration disrupt the normal flow of work.

People are usually not aware that social media functions as a newspaper and requires a certain level of experience and education. Guidelines and training are a prerequisite for appropriate use. Despite this, social media platforms are now becoming like the coffee breaks in the daily routine.

So what can be done?

Block everything and limit any access? This only brings frustration, mistrust and low morale in to the company. CYAN Network Security has found a way out; Enhanced Social Media Filtering Web 2.0. Individual data filtering allows the use of social media platforms that is tailored to the company and to the needs and skills of employees. It has already been possible to lock individual pages with version 2.0 of CYAN Secure Web ®. With version 2.1 all options are now open. Company management can now determine the usage behaviour from purely readable access to Facebook etc. to allowing clicking of the "Like" button, and from only following tweets to posting on Google +; a well-balanced reward and penalty system for employees. The more experienced and careful the approach, the more access is permitted to the platforms. Everything is balanced for the security of the enterprise and freedom of the employees.

This and the many other exciting features of version 2.1 are available as usual to all customers through the simple and convenient licensing policy of CYAN Networks.